Desert Jewish Academy

The Desert Jewish Academy Curriculum

We provide a child-centered, integrated curriculum and a nurturing environment where children will acquire knowledge, thinking and problem solving skills, positive attitudes and self-confidence in a developmentally appropriate setting.  

Our school is committed to the teaching of Jewish customs, traditions, and values and an understanding, respect and appreciation of diversity.

The Desert Jewish Academy offers a challenging educational program which exceeds the criteria for state curriculum standards.  High scholastic standards are maintained in a nurturing atmosphere that allows students to explore their potential.

The students of the Desert Jewish Academy have the advantage of small classes enabling staff to individualize instruction, focus on each child's needs and strengths and provide a stimulating enriched environment in which to learn and grow.  Special care has been given to the development of curriculum and programs which will promote academic and social growth, positive attitudes, creativity, inquiry, and a respect for cultural diversity.

Curriculum Overview