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Enhancing Student Life with Enriching Activities at DJA

Jewish Music and Choir

The Jewish Music and Choir program at Desert Jewish Academy provides students with the opportunity to explore their musical talents while connecting deeply with their Jewish heritage. Through this program, students learn a wide range of traditional and contemporary Jewish music, participating in performances during school events and community gatherings. Our choir helps students develop their vocal skills, appreciate the art of music, and foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Jewish Holiday Celebrations

Celebrating Jewish holidays is a core component of student life at Desert Jewish Academy. These celebrations provide students with a practical understanding of Jewish traditions and customs. From building and decorating a sukkah for Sukkot to hosting a school-wide Passover seder, students actively participate in and sometimes lead the planning and execution of these events. Each holiday celebration is an opportunity for learning, spiritual growth, and community building, allowing students and their families to connect and celebrate together.