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A Rich Curriculum Tailored for All Grade Levels

A Rich Curriculum Tailored for All Grade Levels

Our Hebrew/Jewish Studies curriculum is carefully designed to cater to different age groups, ensuring that each student's learning experience is engaging, age-appropriate, and meaningful. From the Aleph Bet to the study of significant Jewish texts, our program grows with your child, deepening their understanding and appreciation of their heritage with each academic year.

Experienced Educators Who Inspire

Led by a team of passionate, experienced educators, our program not only teaches Hebrew as a living language but also immerses students in the cultural, historical, and spiritual aspects of Judaism. Our teachers are committed to inspiring a love of learning, a sense of pride in Jewish identity, and a respectful understanding of the diversity within the Jewish community.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Learning extends beyond the classroom through interactive experiences that include celebrating Jewish holidays, participating in community service, and engaging with local and global Jewish communities. These activities are designed to bring the lessons to life and provide practical applications of the values taught in our classes.

Commitment to Cultural Connection

We believe that understanding our roots is fundamental to shaping well-rounded individuals. That’s why our Hebrew/Jewish Studies program is integral to our school’s culture. It’s not just about language acquisition; it’s about connecting with a rich cultural tapestry and understanding the broader world through the lens of Jewish traditions.

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Join the many families in Tempe who have chosen Desert Jewish Academy for its commitment to excellence in Jewish education. Enroll your child today and watch as they grow not only in knowledge but in character and spirit. Contact us to learn more about our program or to schedule a visit to our campus.

• Repairing the World – Tikkun Olam
• Acts of Loving Kindness – Gemilut Chasadim
• Tzedakah
• Hamotzi – Bread
• Borei Pri Hagafen – Juice/wine
• Borei Pri Ha’aetz – Fruit
• Borei Pri Ha’ademah - Vegetables
• Shehakol – Everything Else
• Birkat Hamazon – Blessing after meal
*What  is it about?, When is it?, Special Blessings, Foods, Activities, Symbols, Special Greetings, etc
• Rosh Hashana
• Yom Kippur
• Sukkot
• Shemini Atzeret
• Simchat Torah
• Chanukah
• Pesach
• Yom Ha’zikaron
• Yom Ha’atzmaut
• Lag Ba’Omer
• Shabbat
Parshah of the Week
• Story
• Important people
• Moral/lesson
Israel  (Yom Ha’atzmaut)
• Location on map
• Importance
• Traditions
• Landmarks
• Identifying and naming aleph bet letters and some vowels (nikud)
• Letter sounds
• Numbers
• Recognizing and Writing Personal Name
• Shapes
• Animals
• Holidays
• Colors
1st Grade
• Letter and Vowel Sounds
• Blending letters and vowels to read words
• Using correct grammatical forms – present tense, male and female
• Forming and writing letters and words in print
• Classroom objects
• Days of the Week
• Seasons and weather
• Directions
2nd Grade
• Blending letters and vowels to read two-syllable words
• Reading with aid of whole-word, context, and picture clues
• Writing simple sentences
• Greeting by first name
• Months
• Words to describe feelings
3rd Grade
• Blending letters and vowels to read three to four syllable words
• Reading with aid of whole-word, context and picture clues
• Using correct grammatical forms – present tense and introduction to past tense
• Participating in class orally
• Writing sentences
4th Grade
• Reading fluency and accuracy with sentences and small paragraphs
• Writing more complex sentences
• Using grammatical forms – past and present
• Introduction to Cursive writing
• Participating in class orally
5th Grade
• Reading four to five syllable words
• Reading with fluency and accuracy
• Writing exclusively in Cursive  
• Analyzing text
• Using grammatical forms – past, present and introduction to future tense
6th Grade
• Reading four to five syllable words
• Reading sentences and paragraphs with fluency and accuracy
• Analyzing text – formulating questions and answers
• Using grammatical forms – past, present and future tense

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